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Six Figure Funnel Template: What are Its Main Elements?

For most  business owners, a business without a website is like having a business that nobody is aware of.  The internet is a very good medium to announce to the world the existence of your business. If you think that you have to be a computer genius to come up with your own website, then you are wrong.
Successful businessmen have discovered that what they really need is a good six figure funnel template that can help them convince a website visitor to make a purchase.

The Purpose of a Six Figure Funnel

As a website owner, you probably know that a website visitor means nothing, unless you get a sale. Not all visits to your website will guarantee an income unless you do something about it. Using a six figure funnel can definitely help you get that much awaited income from your website. It provides you with an avenue to constantly communicate with your website visitors through emails. These emails you send to them can contain some useful tips, pieces of advice or hard to resist product offers.

When offering some products, there are some things that you have to consider. The product must come from very reliable sources and which you think will be something that your prospects will most likely need. However, your only chance of getting their email addresses is when you have a carefully structured sales funnel template, which can convince them to opt-in to your mailing list.

The Six Figure Funnel Formula

Capture Page – The first and most important part of the template. This is where website owners try to get the confidence of website visitors and persuade them to provide their name and email address. The capture page can be very simple, as long as it has all the necessary elements needed. It needs to have a heading that provides an irresistible offer. It can also have a subheading, but this is optional. Last but not the least, it needs to have the email form.

While the heading may have an irresistible offer, you have to remember that you must not be doing a sales pitch. Doing the sales pitch too soon can make the visitors run away from your website. Offering some freebies and even adding a video can help you gain their trust.

Purchase Page – This page comes after the capture page. After you capture the trust of your website visitors, the next thing to do is to begin the process of convincing them to purchase your product.  What you need is a product that you can sell for a fairly low price. Having a low priced product to sell can definitely give you more chances of converting a sale. The income you obtain can cover up for some advertising costs, free shipping and other freebies that you may want to offer.

Downselling – If your one time offer does not prove to be convincing to your website visitors, then you can do some downselling. The product can be offered at a lesser price, but some product features have to be removed when you downsell.

Upselling – The moment your visitors decide to purchase your one time offer, it is your go signal to provide them with an upsell. What you can do with the upsell is to provide the buyer with an upgraded version of the purchased product, which is also sold for a slightly higher price. Nevertheless, do not expect to see a majority going for the upsell.

Upselling and downselling are two options that website owners can add to the template to have a higher chance of gathering income. The only thing they have to remember is that they do not go to the point of annoying these prospective buyers.

Pop-up Exit Page – A pop-up program upon exit is something that website owners utilize to target their visitors who did sign up for your opt-in program. The pop-up exit page will redirect them to another product, which is lower in value to the product that you are offering.

Thank You Page – The thank you page is where you can place some advertising banners for any other product leads, or perhaps affiliate products related to your niche. Aside from the banners, you can also put some download links for freebies that your website visitors may enjoy or a link to download your one time offer.

An internet marketing strategy can have bigger chances of success if the website owner fully understands the components of a six figure funnel formula and how each part is related to another. In the end, your ultimate goal will have to be lead conversions.