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Six Figure Funnel Formula Bonus

As you may know with the upcoming release of Six Figure Funnel Formula from Todd Brown, a lot of people are going to be offering a Six Figure Funnel Formula bonus package to attempt to get you to purchase through their link.

Our goal is to give you a bonus that will not only benefit you but will also complement the main course rather than distract you.  We’ll reveal more details of our Six Figure Funnel Formula bonus closer to the time but also make sure to check out our review while you’re here.

Six Figure Funnel Formula Review

March 2014 is going to see the release of Todd Brown’s Six Figure Funnel Formula.  You probably want to know what’s going to be in the course so we’re going to put together a full Six Figure Funnel Formula review for everyone to see and look at.  In addition, we also plan on putting together a pretty sweet bonus package for anyone that wants to get Six Figure Funnel Formula from Todd too.

Six Figure Funnel Template: What are Its Main Elements?

For most  business owners, a business without a website is like having a business that nobody is aware of.  The internet is a very good medium to announce to the world the existence of your business. If you think that you have to be a computer genius to come up with your own website, then you are wrong.
Successful businessmen have discovered that what they really need is a good six figure funnel template that can help them convince a website visitor to make a purchase.

The Purpose of a Six Figure Funnel

As a website owner, you probably know that a website visitor means nothing, unless you get a sale. Not all visits to your website will guarantee an income unless you do something about it. Using a six figure funnel can definitely help you get that much awaited income from your website. It provides you with an avenue to constantly communicate with your website visitors through emails. These emails you send to them can contain some useful tips, pieces of advice or hard to resist product offers.

When offering some products, there are some things that you have to consider. The product must come from very reliable sources and which you think will be something that your prospects will most likely need. However, your only chance of getting their email addresses is when you have a carefully structured sales funnel template, which can convince them to opt-in to your mailing list.

The Six Figure Funnel Formula

Capture Page – The first and most important part of the template. This is where website owners try to get the confidence of website visitors and persuade them to provide their name and email address. The capture page can be very simple, as long as it has all the necessary elements needed. It needs to have a heading that provides an irresistible offer. It can also have a subheading, but this is optional. Last but not the least, it needs to have the email form.

While the heading may have an irresistible offer, you have to remember that you must not be doing a sales pitch. Doing the sales pitch too soon can make the visitors run away from your website. Offering some freebies and even adding a video can help you gain their trust.

Purchase Page – This page comes after the capture page. After you capture the trust of your website visitors, the next thing to do is to begin the process of convincing them to purchase your product.  What you need is a product that you can sell for a fairly low price. Having a low priced product to sell can definitely give you more chances of converting a sale. The income you obtain can cover up for some advertising costs, free shipping and other freebies that you may want to offer.

Downselling – If your one time offer does not prove to be convincing to your website visitors, then you can do some downselling. The product can be offered at a lesser price, but some product features have to be removed when you downsell.

Upselling – The moment your visitors decide to purchase your one time offer, it is your go signal to provide them with an upsell. What you can do with the upsell is to provide the buyer with an upgraded version of the purchased product, which is also sold for a slightly higher price. Nevertheless, do not expect to see a majority going for the upsell.

Upselling and downselling are two options that website owners can add to the template to have a higher chance of gathering income. The only thing they have to remember is that they do not go to the point of annoying these prospective buyers.

Pop-up Exit Page – A pop-up program upon exit is something that website owners utilize to target their visitors who did sign up for your opt-in program. The pop-up exit page will redirect them to another product, which is lower in value to the product that you are offering.

Thank You Page – The thank you page is where you can place some advertising banners for any other product leads, or perhaps affiliate products related to your niche. Aside from the banners, you can also put some download links for freebies that your website visitors may enjoy or a link to download your one time offer.

An internet marketing strategy can have bigger chances of success if the website owner fully understands the components of a six figure funnel formula and how each part is related to another. In the end, your ultimate goal will have to be lead conversions.

The Advantages of Using a Six Figure Funnel Software

As a business owner, you might know by now that not all leads are converting to sales. With this fact in mind, you need to make use of a six figure funnel to efficiently group your qualified leads and unqualified leads. Using a six figure funnel software can help you go through this process easily. It takes a lot of time when you collect and evaluate data manually. While you have the option to do it the traditional way, you will soon realize that it is actually giving you more problems than results.

Why is a Six Figure Funnel Important

Prior to deciding if you need to purchase a six figure funnel software or not, you have to think carefully if this would help your business gain more sales as you sort out your qualified leads. Some businesses still use the time tested flowchart which actually includes the sales cycle. The six figure funnel on the other hand, is a tool which will carefully layout the journey of your future customer.
Internet marketers need to be aware that when they may use of a six figure funnel, they are focusing on what the customer needs. When you do so, you are able to identify leads that will help you get more sales.

The Advantages

Well-organized Sales Process – It cannot be denied that most businessmen want to make sure about getting a return on their investment. Having a six figure funnel software will help them get a rough estimate on this. If you are selling a very interesting product, it is most likely that you will have a lot of potential customers interested in the product. However, it would not be ideal to pursue them all to convince them to purchase your product.  This is where your software becomes useful. Not only does it help in increasing your sales, but also provides a smoother sales and marketing workflow.

Some softwares have also been developed to have a mobile functionality. It then allows marketers who are always on the go to still have the opportunity to discuss with their marketing team even if they are not together in one room.

A Predictable Sales Process – Having a software will provide you with a more systematic calculation which will help you in organizing your chances for profit. Aside from just providing a rough prediction on the future of your investment, you get to immediately point out some risky moves which might have an adverse effect on your finances.

Gives You an Edge Over Your Competition – With a software coming in handy, very important information reaches the hands of people who need to work on your leads. Even during times when your sales and marketing team may have clashing ideas, the software can help out in aligning it. Now that you have both teams working as one, there is no doubt that you will see an increase in your annual sales. When your teams are working productively, you get more brilliant ideas and you eventually get more leads. This gives you an edge over your competitors in the market.

Lets You Track Customers on Each Stage – When you are working with a six figure funnel, you get the chance to observe the behavior of your leads and take advantage of opportunities presented to you. A software may then be used to assist you in modifying or eliminating certain stages of the funnel which can help you in managing and eventually acting upon any available opportunity for a sale.

Provides You With Extensive Knowledge On Leads – Not everybody is aware that the behavior of your leads on social media can be used as a clue on what their needs are. With the right tools in hand, you can create more opportunities for sales. Remember that a lead may come across your product online through several platforms.

A Few Important Reminders When Using Software

In order to get an advantage by using a six figure funnel software, one has to have a clear plan already on how to plot the sales process. The only thing that your software can help you with is tracking, calculating, creating and changing the sales process when you see the need to. It does provide you with all the information you need, but it is you who will have to manually assemble the funnel and decide what must be done in order to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. You still need to do some analysis on the behavior of your leads and never assume that you can completely rely on a software to do all the work.

Six Figure Funnel Definition: How and Why it is Used

Most six figure funnel definition can vary depending on the term more familiar to you. You may know it as ‘purchase funnel,’ ‘marketing funnel,’ and ‘sales pipeline.’ All of these refer to the same sales process. A six figure funnel is essentially a diagram that resembles an inverted pyramid with a narrow stem at the bottom instead of a sharp edge.

The six figure funnel is a dynamic flowchart that illustrates a customer’s journey towards making a purchase. Many types of businesses make use of the funnel as a marketing strategy with one objective. The six figure funnel is an effective guide that can turn leads, or potential customers, into definite sales.

The Shape of the Six Figure Sales Funnel Explained

A six figure funnel definition is not complete without understanding the shape of the diagram. Managers can still plot the sales process through a more familiar type of chart such as common flowcharts with separate stages.

Unlike a linear chart, however, the funnel is cone-like. The top part simply flows down into the bottom when it does not serve any significant purpose. Moreover, a standard flowchart uses arrows to point to succeeding processes. The six figure funnel is just more clear-cut where there is a definite flow of the stages. Although it is easier to understand overall, it is less than ideal to take a six figure funnel at face value.

The traditional model of the sales funnel has since incorporated new technological means to reach potential customers. Social media is a definite game changer that allows businesses to reach more leads. Along with varied consumer behavior, the design of the sales funnel model strives to keep up.

At the topmost part of the funnel are ‘leads,’ and the bottom part is the actual purchase or transaction. Depending on the strategy and the scale of the business, the top part of the sales funnel may contain other factors. However, you will often find ‘leads’ at the uppermost section.

The general goal of the six figure funnel is to create opportunity for a sale. Finding a good lead eventually separates truly interested customers from the tire kickers. After further categorizing the prospects, it is easier to focus on the target market that matters.

Common Steps to Make a Sales Funnel

Constructing your own marketing strategy using a sales funnel requires brainstorming and research. Gathering relevant details so you can accurately plot the tiers is just one part of it. The following steps can serve as a guideline to help you design your own sales funnel.

1. Start With the Topmost Part

It is important to determine what should go on the top part of the sales process. The prospects or leads often occupy the wider part of the funnel. In a traditional model of the sales funnel, you will find ‘awareness’ rather than ‘leads’. Despite different labels, the focus is in attracting customers that are not yet familiar with your brand.

2. Narrow Down Leads to Qualified Leads

How do you develop a qualified lead? This is where research and constant tracking comes in handy. Several measures can help you find perfect leads that you can convert into closed deals. Providing relevant content, tracking activity, making necessary changes, putting in more observation time for analyzing leads can help you find qualified prospects.

3. Consider Marketing Campaigns and Possible Risks

This stage of the decision making process involves weighing challenges in acquiring and converting leads. It is a critical stage of evaluation where you prime the qualified leads into making a solid commitment. At this point, you have fully regulated hot leads and cleared any potential risks before making a sale.

4. Slowly Seal the Deal

Once qualified prospects feel committed to make a purchase, you have to provide the customer with a proposal that will retain their interest. This phase is where you carefully make a deal before closing it. Eliminate factors that might distract qualified leads and have them moving back up rather than moving downwards the funnel.

5. Building Better Strategies After a Purchase

A sales funnel definition does not cover how the entire process is a cycle. The flow of sales does not end after a transaction. A six figure funnel can bring in new factors that can build intelligence on a better approach in creating a sales process. You can add other steps as you go along or even remove those less productive stages that do not work.

Creating Your Very Own Six Figure Funnel Formula

Being a business owner, you need to know your priorities. Having your very own six figure funnel blueprint can definitely boost your business. Before you begin counting your sales, you need to be able to attract people to your website.

This may include those who are totally interested with your product and those who are just there to look around. Don’t worry as you will still have the opportunity to convince those who are just looking around to seriously take a look at your products, if you know how to structure your six figure funnel.

Basic Elements for Your Six Figure Funnel

For your business to begin generating leads that will help you get that much awaited sales, there are some basic elements that must be in your six figure funnel:

Captivating Squeeze Page

Experts say that while this page is the first thing that your leads will see, you have to keep it simple. Nevertheless, you need to grab every opportunity to request that your leads sign up for your opt-in email list. Failing to do it on your squeeze page can have a great impact on your chances of obtaining product sales later.

Having an irresistible offer which targets the needs of your leads can help. Be careful though, as you must never start selling when your leads are still in your squeeze page or they might immediately turn around.

Your Simple One Time Offer

After obtaining the names and email addresses of your leads, immediately grab the opportunity and give them a one time offer. This OTO has to be something that can simply provide solutions to the problems of your leads. Such products could be eBooks or video tutorials.

When giving your OTO, always make sure that you are not overdoing it to the point that your leads become irritated and turn away. The best you could do is provide at least two OTOs, but take the necessary precautions and never reveal what your main product is. You can provide your instructions and links that your leads will need to visit when start sending emails.

Setting Up Your Registration Page

Your registration page is very important as this will help you identify who amongst your leads will definitely purchase your product. As your leads are brought to your registration page, you start to track them, as well as take advantage of the opportunity of offering more products or services. More or less this is the stage when the deal is sealed in the six figure funnel blueprint.

Page for Downloading

This is the page where your leads will be redirected to if they avail of your offer in the squeeze page and one time offer. This can also be where your prospects finalize their purchase. Aside from being a download page, you may continue to offer another product, but always remember to use only a product relevant to your niche.

Functioning Email Marketing

The very moment your leads turn into qualified leads and begin to avail of your one time offer, it is your go signal to make them a part of your email marketing system. Make sure that you have a functioning program that can help you send out scheduled emails to qualified leads. You may try to learn putting up this program for your website, or avail of any services that are offered online by some online marketing service providers.

Constant Communication with Leads

Your leads will become subscribers to the regular newsletters that you send out through emails. You may constantly communicate with them and keep them interested by sending them relevant emails with interesting content. These emails can also catch the attention of those leads who do not belong to your qualified list. This is your chance to open their minds and convince them to give your products a second thought. The idea if for you to constantly drive traffic to your website by providing a link in the emails that you send out to leads.

Deciding For Your Sales Blueprint

Coming up with your own six figure funnel blueprint can either be easy or difficult depending on your skills. Nevertheless, you have an option to hire somebody to do it for you or begin learning how to set it up for yourself. That is if you have a lot of time available to learn the very complicated process of Internet marketing.

How to Create a Six Figure Funnel: Obtaining Profit For Your Business

Those who want to invest in a business online may think it is too difficult to start up a business and learn about Internet marketing at the same time. Even if you already have a background in business, but this is your first time to try an online business, things may get tough. There is no need to back out or begin panicking especially when you hear about the need of having a six figure funnel. If you have no idea what a sales funnel is and want to learn how to create a six figure funnel, just read on.

The Six Figure Funnel in Layman’s Terms

A six figure funnel is not really that complicated and is basically a marketing strategy to help improve the conversion of your leads to sales. Before anything, let us discuss a sales funnel and try to keep it as simple as possible. A sales funnel works basically just like the funnel that you see in your kitchen.  That kitchen tool that you use to avoid spilling liquids when you transfer it from one container to another.
If you observe closely, a good funnel has a big opening at the very top and it becomes smaller down at the bottom. The idea here is to make it easy for pouring the liquid into the big opening without the risk of spilling. The same principle can then be used for an online sales campaign.

The very moment visitors chance upon your website, you begin to catch them with your sales funnel. This is an effective way of capturing their attention and hopefully bring them down your sales funnel and convince them to take notice of the products that you are selling. Each stage down the funnel is highly dependent on how your website visitors behave as they go down the funnel.

However, each stage of the funnel is designed in a way that it discreetly tries to convince them on deciding to purchase the products you offer. Not all of them will be able to reach the bottom of the funnel, where the actual sale takes place, but you still have another alternative of still hopefully bringing them back to your website or to another website that has other products that you sell.

Learn How to Create a Six Figure Funnel

With the straightforward and simple explanation above, as a business owner, you have to know that your online business will need one. Online businesses only have one goal in mind, and that is to make profit, and the best way to increase your chances of getting more profit is by creating your own six figure funnel.
According to the experts, the most ideal way of positioning your products in your own six figure funnel is to have it in such a way that you show your potential customers the cheapest product you have to offer then slowly move on to the most expensive one as they go down the funnel.

Gaining Customer Trust

Gaining the trust of potential customers is one problem that most online businesses struggle with. They may get thousands of website visitors daily, but they will need a lot of luck if they just wait and see who amongst these visitors would eventually end up making a purchase. With a six figure funnel, you are guided accordingly. The first thing you have to do is to offer something for free. It can be any product or ebook that would make them interested.

If the potential customer wants your freebie, then that is your hint to show your one time offer of a cheap product that you want to sell. It can be priced anywhere from $10-$15. If this customer grabs the offer because it is priced reasonably, then you can take advantage of the situation by offering an upsell.
If the customer refuses to grab the offer, you may also take advantage of the situation by offering a downsell. For your upsell, you need to add some upgrades to your current product. While for the downsell, you need to take off some features since you will be selling it for a lower price.

Learning the ways of how to create a six figure funnel is not too difficult. If you are aspiring to have a successful business, you will pay close attention to the needs of your customers. The more you focus and provide them with what they need, the more chances you have of bringing them down your funnel to close a deal and make a sale.

Getting a Done for Your Six Figure Funnel

For online entrepreneurs who have no Internet marketing background, but need help in structuring a sales funnel, there is a done for you six figure funnel that are being offered by experts in the field. A package may include getting your OTO page, squeeze pages, follow up emails and sales funnel all done for you.
On the other hand, you may have to work on getting traffic to your website, but check the services that you are availing of, as some of them include free tutorials on how to get more traffic to your website.

The Step by Step Process

Gathering Relevant Data – Once you decide where you avail of a done for you sales funnel, you will have to work with a sales funnel expert and provide pertinent data about your business and what your needs are. After submitting all the data needed, the sales funnel expert will get in touch with you. You will need to have a one on one discussion where you will be discussing some details on how you want the project to be carried out. Even if you hire a team to carry out the sales funnel for you, you still have control over things and must speak out if you have any concerns.

Selecting A Package

Each business has their own unique needs. Therefore, each of them will need to select a package that is suitable for their business. A sales funnel expert can also help out in deciding a brand name for your product. The package you choose will depend on how much time you are willing to spend on the project. If you have more time available, then you won’t require that much work done for you. However, if you feel you need to let the expert do most parts of the project, then be prepared to pay more.


These sales funnel experts can assign trained project managers during the implementation phase. After careful planning, it is now time to implement and put into action all the plans that have been laid out. As the owner of the website, all you need to do is provide the team with feedback when needed and let them do the work for you. Some business owners prefer to be actively participating, while others just sit and wait for results. Take note, however, that if there is something you want revised in the process, you may immediately call their attention and request for immediate revision.

Creation of Other Pages

Once the capture page is done, the team will move on to working on other parts of the funnel like the OTO, promotional videos, download page, email setup and bonuses. You may request for additional pages or add them yourself if you feel you still need to build more.

Six Figure Funnel Formula

When setting up the sales funnel, some six figure funnel experts may give instructions so you can implement it in your website. However, there are also some who would request access to your website so they can put it up and make sure it works. When everything is set up and done, you can try the funnel for yourself to test if everything will work out smoothly. If you have any questions at this stage, it is best to ask them before you consider the project done.

After Sales Support

Do not panic if you feel you should need any additional support from your project manager after everything has been done and tested to be working. Six figurefunnel experts are professionals and you can always contact them in case you have any issues that you need help with.

The steps laid above is just a classic example of how a six figure funnel would usually be done for you. Different professionals may employ a different process.
So before you choose whose services you must hire to provide a done for you six figure funnel, take time to carefully read the services they will provide and if they have several packages that you can choose from. This will more or less give you an idea where your investment will go and what to expect from the services that you are hiring.