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Six Figure Funnel Definition: How and Why it is Used

Most six figure funnel definition can vary depending on the term more familiar to you. You may know it as ‘purchase funnel,’ ‘marketing funnel,’ and ‘sales pipeline.’ All of these refer to the same sales process. A six figure funnel is essentially a diagram that resembles an inverted pyramid with a narrow stem at the bottom instead of a sharp edge.

The six figure funnel is a dynamic flowchart that illustrates a customer’s journey towards making a purchase. Many types of businesses make use of the funnel as a marketing strategy with one objective. The six figure funnel is an effective guide that can turn leads, or potential customers, into definite sales.

The Shape of the Six Figure Sales Funnel Explained

A six figure funnel definition is not complete without understanding the shape of the diagram. Managers can still plot the sales process through a more familiar type of chart such as common flowcharts with separate stages.

Unlike a linear chart, however, the funnel is cone-like. The top part simply flows down into the bottom when it does not serve any significant purpose. Moreover, a standard flowchart uses arrows to point to succeeding processes. The six figure funnel is just more clear-cut where there is a definite flow of the stages. Although it is easier to understand overall, it is less than ideal to take a six figure funnel at face value.

The traditional model of the sales funnel has since incorporated new technological means to reach potential customers. Social media is a definite game changer that allows businesses to reach more leads. Along with varied consumer behavior, the design of the sales funnel model strives to keep up.

At the topmost part of the funnel are ‘leads,’ and the bottom part is the actual purchase or transaction. Depending on the strategy and the scale of the business, the top part of the sales funnel may contain other factors. However, you will often find ‘leads’ at the uppermost section.

The general goal of the six figure funnel is to create opportunity for a sale. Finding a good lead eventually separates truly interested customers from the tire kickers. After further categorizing the prospects, it is easier to focus on the target market that matters.

Common Steps to Make a Sales Funnel

Constructing your own marketing strategy using a sales funnel requires brainstorming and research. Gathering relevant details so you can accurately plot the tiers is just one part of it. The following steps can serve as a guideline to help you design your own sales funnel.

1. Start With the Topmost Part

It is important to determine what should go on the top part of the sales process. The prospects or leads often occupy the wider part of the funnel. In a traditional model of the sales funnel, you will find ‘awareness’ rather than ‘leads’. Despite different labels, the focus is in attracting customers that are not yet familiar with your brand.

2. Narrow Down Leads to Qualified Leads

How do you develop a qualified lead? This is where research and constant tracking comes in handy. Several measures can help you find perfect leads that you can convert into closed deals. Providing relevant content, tracking activity, making necessary changes, putting in more observation time for analyzing leads can help you find qualified prospects.

3. Consider Marketing Campaigns and Possible Risks

This stage of the decision making process involves weighing challenges in acquiring and converting leads. It is a critical stage of evaluation where you prime the qualified leads into making a solid commitment. At this point, you have fully regulated hot leads and cleared any potential risks before making a sale.

4. Slowly Seal the Deal

Once qualified prospects feel committed to make a purchase, you have to provide the customer with a proposal that will retain their interest. This phase is where you carefully make a deal before closing it. Eliminate factors that might distract qualified leads and have them moving back up rather than moving downwards the funnel.

5. Building Better Strategies After a Purchase

A sales funnel definition does not cover how the entire process is a cycle. The flow of sales does not end after a transaction. A six figure funnel can bring in new factors that can build intelligence on a better approach in creating a sales process. You can add other steps as you go along or even remove those less productive stages that do not work.