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Creating Your Very Own Six Figure Funnel Formula

Being a business owner, you need to know your priorities. Having your very own six figure funnel blueprint can definitely boost your business. Before you begin counting your sales, you need to be able to attract people to your website.

This may include those who are totally interested with your product and those who are just there to look around. Don’t worry as you will still have the opportunity to convince those who are just looking around to seriously take a look at your products, if you know how to structure your six figure funnel.

Basic Elements for Your Six Figure Funnel

For your business to begin generating leads that will help you get that much awaited sales, there are some basic elements that must be in your six figure funnel:

Captivating Squeeze Page

Experts say that while this page is the first thing that your leads will see, you have to keep it simple. Nevertheless, you need to grab every opportunity to request that your leads sign up for your opt-in email list. Failing to do it on your squeeze page can have a great impact on your chances of obtaining product sales later.

Having an irresistible offer which targets the needs of your leads can help. Be careful though, as you must never start selling when your leads are still in your squeeze page or they might immediately turn around.

Your Simple One Time Offer

After obtaining the names and email addresses of your leads, immediately grab the opportunity and give them a one time offer. This OTO has to be something that can simply provide solutions to the problems of your leads. Such products could be eBooks or video tutorials.

When giving your OTO, always make sure that you are not overdoing it to the point that your leads become irritated and turn away. The best you could do is provide at least two OTOs, but take the necessary precautions and never reveal what your main product is. You can provide your instructions and links that your leads will need to visit when start sending emails.

Setting Up Your Registration Page

Your registration page is very important as this will help you identify who amongst your leads will definitely purchase your product. As your leads are brought to your registration page, you start to track them, as well as take advantage of the opportunity of offering more products or services. More or less this is the stage when the deal is sealed in the six figure funnel blueprint.

Page for Downloading

This is the page where your leads will be redirected to if they avail of your offer in the squeeze page and one time offer. This can also be where your prospects finalize their purchase. Aside from being a download page, you may continue to offer another product, but always remember to use only a product relevant to your niche.

Functioning Email Marketing

The very moment your leads turn into qualified leads and begin to avail of your one time offer, it is your go signal to make them a part of your email marketing system. Make sure that you have a functioning program that can help you send out scheduled emails to qualified leads. You may try to learn putting up this program for your website, or avail of any services that are offered online by some online marketing service providers.

Constant Communication with Leads

Your leads will become subscribers to the regular newsletters that you send out through emails. You may constantly communicate with them and keep them interested by sending them relevant emails with interesting content. These emails can also catch the attention of those leads who do not belong to your qualified list. This is your chance to open their minds and convince them to give your products a second thought. The idea if for you to constantly drive traffic to your website by providing a link in the emails that you send out to leads.

Deciding For Your Sales Blueprint

Coming up with your own six figure funnel blueprint can either be easy or difficult depending on your skills. Nevertheless, you have an option to hire somebody to do it for you or begin learning how to set it up for yourself. That is if you have a lot of time available to learn the very complicated process of Internet marketing.