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How to Create a Six Figure Funnel: Obtaining Profit For Your Business

Those who want to invest in a business online may think it is too difficult to start up a business and learn about Internet marketing at the same time. Even if you already have a background in business, but this is your first time to try an online business, things may get tough. There is no need to back out or begin panicking especially when you hear about the need of having a six figure funnel. If you have no idea what a sales funnel is and want to learn how to create a six figure funnel, just read on.

The Six Figure Funnel in Layman’s Terms

A six figure funnel is not really that complicated and is basically a marketing strategy to help improve the conversion of your leads to sales. Before anything, let us discuss a sales funnel and try to keep it as simple as possible. A sales funnel works basically just like the funnel that you see in your kitchen.  That kitchen tool that you use to avoid spilling liquids when you transfer it from one container to another.
If you observe closely, a good funnel has a big opening at the very top and it becomes smaller down at the bottom. The idea here is to make it easy for pouring the liquid into the big opening without the risk of spilling. The same principle can then be used for an online sales campaign.

The very moment visitors chance upon your website, you begin to catch them with your sales funnel. This is an effective way of capturing their attention and hopefully bring them down your sales funnel and convince them to take notice of the products that you are selling. Each stage down the funnel is highly dependent on how your website visitors behave as they go down the funnel.

However, each stage of the funnel is designed in a way that it discreetly tries to convince them on deciding to purchase the products you offer. Not all of them will be able to reach the bottom of the funnel, where the actual sale takes place, but you still have another alternative of still hopefully bringing them back to your website or to another website that has other products that you sell.

Learn How to Create a Six Figure Funnel

With the straightforward and simple explanation above, as a business owner, you have to know that your online business will need one. Online businesses only have one goal in mind, and that is to make profit, and the best way to increase your chances of getting more profit is by creating your own six figure funnel.
According to the experts, the most ideal way of positioning your products in your own six figure funnel is to have it in such a way that you show your potential customers the cheapest product you have to offer then slowly move on to the most expensive one as they go down the funnel.

Gaining Customer Trust

Gaining the trust of potential customers is one problem that most online businesses struggle with. They may get thousands of website visitors daily, but they will need a lot of luck if they just wait and see who amongst these visitors would eventually end up making a purchase. With a six figure funnel, you are guided accordingly. The first thing you have to do is to offer something for free. It can be any product or ebook that would make them interested.

If the potential customer wants your freebie, then that is your hint to show your one time offer of a cheap product that you want to sell. It can be priced anywhere from $10-$15. If this customer grabs the offer because it is priced reasonably, then you can take advantage of the situation by offering an upsell.
If the customer refuses to grab the offer, you may also take advantage of the situation by offering a downsell. For your upsell, you need to add some upgrades to your current product. While for the downsell, you need to take off some features since you will be selling it for a lower price.

Learning the ways of how to create a six figure funnel is not too difficult. If you are aspiring to have a successful business, you will pay close attention to the needs of your customers. The more you focus and provide them with what they need, the more chances you have of bringing them down your funnel to close a deal and make a sale.